Update Regarding COVID-19 For Residents of Sunrise Village


Dear Resident,

The situation with COVID-19 is changing daily and we are working diligently to ensure that we are conforming to the new provincial health guidelines. First and foremost, we want to let you know that our top priority is the health and well-being of our residents and our employees. We want to ensure we are providing you with the support you need and are responding appropriately to questions or concerns you have. The “Frequently Asked Questions” section below is provided to assist with some answers.

We will be working with the SunVilla Society to ensure a high level of communication and to address issues as they come up. As the situation evolves we will ensure that we provide updates regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sunrise Village office open?

As IHA is recommending increasing measures to ensure social distancing, we have made the decision to close our village office and allow our manager to work from home. While we will be closing our SRV office, we want you to know that we remain available to support you by phone and email. We have installed a drop box on the community center door and will check it regularly. Please do not drop cash in the box. We are also committed to ensuring essential services continue to be provided to our customers. 

If the Sunrise Village office is closed and I have a matter I have to discuss, how do I do that?

While we are closing our offices, we want you to know that we remain available to support you by phone and email. We will also regularly monitor the community office drop box and will manage any requests or needs as required.

How will you be maintaining the community if your office is closed?

We are committed to ensuring essential services continue to be provided to our residents. This includes landscaping, monitoring of water and sewer systems, and visual inspections of properties for health and safety issues. Although the office is closed, we will be maintaining administrative support for residents remotely, and we will remain available to our residents through email and phone.

Will you still be charging rent? Are you deferring rent payments?

We are committed to treating our residents fairly and respectfully. At this time, we will still be collecting rent; however, we will be taking personal circumstances into account. If residents find themselves in challenging financial circumstances, we are happy to work with them to help them through this difficult time and accommodate their situation. As the federal government and financial institutions are putting plans in place to support Canadians facing financial hardship as a result of the virus, we encourage you to visit their websites or contact your local government office for more details.  For more information on the BC Temporary Rental Supplement, please click here.

Will rent deadlines be more flexible? Will late fees be charged? 

We will be pausing any actions relating to late payment of rent and/or late fees at this time. We will review this approach again at the end of April.

Are you still going ahead with rent increases?

As mandated by the provincial state of emergency all rent increases are on hold until advised otherwise by the province.

Helpful Websites
COVID-19 Provincial Support and Information
Government of Canada: Support for Individuals
Climate Action Tax Credit
Federal Canada Emergency Response Benefit
BC Hydro COVID-19 Customer Assistance Program and BC Hydro Customer Crisis Fund
Goods and Services Tax credit

BC Temporary Rental Supplement

Canada Emergency Response Benefit

Sunrise Village Contact Information
Onsite Manager – Sandi Jones-Sands – (250) 575-2285, if she is unavailable please leave a message and she will return your call, or email her at sandi@sfewine.com
Administration – Kathleen Mansfield – (250) 769-4451 ext. 255 or email her at kathleen@sfewine.com